Robot Has Werewolf Hand - The Endless (2003)

Автор: Delta      

Robot Has Werewolf Hand - The Endless (2003)

Настоящий жанр: Powerviolence/Hardcore/Female Vocal
Время: 13:06
Качество: 192kbs

01 Christ is the Answer?
02 ''You Better Not Stay Sick''
03 A Vote Against The Re-Union Tour
04 Sex Is The Best Cologne
05 Blurred Vision
06 Organ Stop - Organ Grinder
07 In Debt To Self
08 The Comedy
09 Perfect Babies
10 Party Dress
11 Trumpets Instead of Churchbel
12 Sustain, Maintain, Numb To The Touch
13 Blue Collar Grey Streets
14 The Electric Drama
15 A Memory Of The State

Размер: 17.88 MB

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